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Quincy Compressor

The world's a much smaller place today. Changing political and economic conditions have pulled many Canadian companies into the international arena. The opportunities afforded by the development of industry and utility infrastructure abroad have been attracting engineering contractors, consultants and a wide variety of industrial corporations to grow into these markets.

Natpro has been very active in supplying pump and compression equipment internationally for 40 years. We have seen this segment grow to over 25 percent of our annual business volume - a combination of direct international sales as well as supply to Canadian and U.S. based firms for projects abroad.

Those involved in overseas jobs appreciate the distinctly different requirements of this market - we feel we are rather uniquely suited to be a partner in your international projects.

Here is how we can help satisfy your requirements:

Bidding Process

We understand that this business takes time and tenacity; bid-to-contract times often are measured in years rather than weeks. We'll work with you through the inevitable design revision and refinement process. Our applications engineers have gained considerable experience through exposure to the various international mechanical and electrical codes and specifications (DIN, IEC, CE, etc.). This ensures that you can have confidence that our offerings are made with understanding of these issues.

End-User Acceptance

The Pump and Compressor manufacturers we represent are primarily "Fortune 500" backed corporations with a great deal of international exposure and experience. Most of these firms have extensive sales and service support in most parts of the world - some manufacture internationally as well. This combination is essential in combining "local" North American availability for manufacturing liaison and Q.C. with end-user support through the life of the equipment.


Our "Supplier Profile" Section that follows identifies the manufacturers we represent that have ISO-9001 certification in place or pending. These qualifications that have become an 'entry level' requirement in international work, also may favorably affect the Q.C. cost associated in procuring our equipment for your project.

Experience / Stability

We feel that financial stability and international project experience should be a factor in your selection of suppliers. We, along with our suppliers, welcome your scrutiny in this area. A summary of our international project experience is available upon request.

Canadian Content

Natpro facilities across Canada include five (5) main packaging and assembly shops. Our capability to enhance the Canadian content requirement of many project financing entities by our "value-added" approach is of significant interest to many of our customers, not only for Canadian content, but also for unit responsibility and simplicity of expediting and quality control.


Natpro operates six (6) offices from Halifax to Vancouver. This nationwide presence, combined with a genuine "team" approach allows us to provide seamless coverage to customers working projects from multiple Canadian locations.