Products & Markets - Compressed Air, Blower and Vacuum Systems

Whether it's a process gas stream, critical instrument air supply, plant air for manufacturing, or an air supply for aeration or pneumatic conveying- the compressors and blowers that support those processes are key to your operation.

Today, total cost of ownership is the only criteria by which to properly evaluate your equipment needs. Compressors or blowers that need expensive service frequently, impact your production rates when they do, or cost more in power to operate- are often the most costly choice.

The products Natpro offers for these demanding services are among the finest in the world, and set the standards for durability and operating efficiency.

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Air Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Quincy CompressorQuincy Compressor, manufacturer of the "world's finest air compressors" offer a comprehensive range of products including:

System Accessories

Natpro offers a full range of compressed air system components to complete or improve your installation and ensure trouble-free, efficient operation. Please refer to the typical schematic above for identification of each of the following:

  1. Air Inlet Filters / Silencers - For special applications including: Outdoor weather proof, extra fine dust filters, etc.
  2. After Coolers - Belt guard after coolers for recip compressors, air to air and water-cooled heat exchangers to cool the compressed air, allowing much of the moisture to condense.
  3. Moisture Separators - For the extraction of water created during the after cooling process.
  4. Automatic Moisture Drains - Float type, timed solenoid operated, or zero-air-loss high efficiency drains to automatically dump accumulated water from separators, filters and air tanks.
  5. Air Receivers - Vertical and horizontal, standard or custom built vessels of any size. All air pressure and vacuum tanks are ASME coded and boiler branch approved.
  6. Down Stream Filters - High quality filters for oil removal, particle removal, breathing air purification.
  7. Air Dryers - Membrane, desiccant bag, refrigerated, heatless and heated regenerative type dryers with dew points as low as -100oF, ensuring totally moisture free air.
  8. Special Products - Oil/water separators, for the extraction of compressor lubricants from the contaminated condensate. These systems allow you to simply dispose of the large quantities of water through the sewer system and contain the small amounts of extracted oil for re-cycling.

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