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People that design or operate commercial and institutional buildings face ever-increasing pressure from owners for efficient and reliable mechanical systems, and place the same demands on the equipment they buy to support those processes.

Many companies realize that total cost of ownership is the only criteria by which to properly evaluate their equipment needs. Pumps and compressors that cost more in power to operate or that need service frequently, are often the most costly choice. There has never been a greater need for suppliers with the expertise to properly apply high-quality equipment, still at competitive pricing, and support the user properly through the life cycle of the equipment. Listed below is a summary of the products we offer to meet this demanding criteria.

We believe that our company provides one of the most complete and comprehensive ranges of pumps, pumping systems and air compressor products. Many of these products utilize innovative technology and all are produced by world-class manufacturers and backed up by our engineering, parts and service personnel operating from six facilities across Canada.

For over 30 years, we've been selected to supply equipment for a wide variety of commercial and institutional projects across Canada. Our sales and applications engineers are ready to put our experience to work on your next application - whether it's basic equipment or one of our fully pre- packaged turnkey systems.

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For a quick reference to products for a particular application select the application from the following list:

General Water Services

ProductFlows ToHeads ToComments
Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis & Aurora
Split case and end suction (horizontal and vertical)
75,000 GPM
(17,000 m3/hr)
700 ft
(213 m)
Wide selection of efficient sizes, oversized shaft and bearings for long life.
Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis, Layne/Vertiline
Vertical turbine and propeller pumps
1,000,000 GPM
(227,000 m3/hr)
7,000 ft
(2,133 m)
Open and enclosed lineshaft, settings to 700 ft (250 m)
Pentair Hydromatic
Submersible non-clog, grinder, self-priming
800 GPM
(182 m3/hr)
230 ft
(70 m)
Up to 10", electric or engine drive
Submersible turbine pumps
1,000 GPM
(230 m3/hr)
2,300 ft
(700 m)
Corrosion resistant materials, motor sizes to 500 hp. Well sizes 4 inch and larger

Boiler Feed and Condensate Pumps and Systems

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Pentair Aurora
Regenerative turbine pumps
150 GPM 700 ft Large Canadian inventory for immediate delivery.
Submersible turbine pumps
1,000 GPM
(230 m3/hr)
2,300 ft
(700 m)
Corrosion resistant materials, motor sizes to 500 hp. Well sizes 4 inch and larger
Sundyne Sunflo
Single stage high speed
600 GPM
(36 m3/hr)
5,500 ft
(1,676 m)
Low NPSH, low flow, high heads and working pressures.
PumpWorks 610, PumpWorks Industrial
API and ANSI centrifugal pumps
16,000 GPM
(3,600 m3/hr)
7,100 ft
(2,160 m)
Horizontal single and multi-stage, vertical inline, and vertical multi-stage sump and canned pumps for all services.
Packaged condensate/boiler feed systems with tanks, controls and accessories as required as required Several configurations available, receiver sizes to suit system requirements.

Chemical Injection and Metering Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Milton Roy, LMI, Williams, Proteus
Reciprocating, diaphragm pumps
16,000 GPM
(60 m3/hr)
20,000 psi
(137,000 kPa)
Sealless plunger process pumps.

Progressing Cavity Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
NOV 1,025 GPM
(233 m3/hr)
1,500 psi
(10,300 kPa)
All materials and configurations. Replacement parts for other manufacturers.

Rotary Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Positive displacement, rotary vane
2,300 GPM
(525 m3/hr)
200 psi
(1,400 kPa)
Excellent for low or high viscosity, self-priming.
Twin and three screw
10,000 GPM
(2,270 m3/hr)
2,275 psi
(15,700 kPa)
For crude oil, fuel oil, viscous and multi-phase liquids.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Graco 275 GPM
(62 m3/hr)
125 psi
(860 kPa)
Wide product offering, improved efficiency, best air valve in the industry

Fire Water Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Pentair Aurora, Layne/Verti-Line, Fairbanks Morse
Horizontal and vertical turbine fire pumps and packaged systems
7,500 GPM
(1,703 m3/hr)
580 psi
(175 kPa)
UL / ULC / FM approved horizontal and vertical, electric and diesel drive c/w all accessories, piping, instrumentation and controls.

Air Compressors, Blowers and Vacuum Pumps

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Reciprocating compressors
120 CFM
(3.4 m3/min)
600 psi
(4,135 kPa)
Rugged lubricated and non-lubricated designs, ideal for booster/vapor recovery services.
Gardner Denver Nash*, Garo*
Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors process and vapour recovery (API 681)
23,000 CFM
(39,000 m3/hr)
150 psi
(1,034 kPa)
Turnkey packages for process vacuum and compression.
Gardner DenverHoffman Lamson*
Centrifugal blowers, exhausters, engineered vacuum systems
41,000 CFM
(70,000 m3/hr)
230 psi
(158 kPa)
Turnkey packages for process vacuum and compression.
Air compressors, vacuum pumps, dryers instrument air packages
1,500 CFM
(43 m3/min)
500 psi
(3,450 kPa)
Reciprocating and rotary screw with lubricated and oil-free designs.
Rotary screw, oil free compressors
2,400 CFM
(4300 m3/hr)
150 psi
(1034 kPa)
Fixed speed VFD operation, patented high-efficiency rotor design. PLC controls for plant DCS integration.
Parker Zander*
Compressed air filtration, drying systems oil/water separation
as required as required Advanced technology, energy saving system

Specialy Equipment

Product Flows To Heads To Comments
Milton Roy Mixers
Side entry mixers
up to 1.3M BBL
(200,000 m3)
  For storage and blending. Mixer equipped with 4 bladed Sabre® Impeller.
Hydropneumatic vessels
26 to 40,000 gallons
(100 to 151,200)
  Surge protection vessels designed to ASME and NSF61
Hydraulic piston membrane pumps
2,650 GPM
(600 m3/hr)
3,625 psi
(25,000 kPa)
For heavy sludge transport and filter press feed application. Solids Handling Pumps for dewatered sludge / cake transfer

*Representation excludes some provinces, please contact your local representative